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  1. I declare that all the particulars and information provided by me in this application form are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respects and that I have not withheld any information whatsoever.
  2. The User of this Website unequivocally declares and agrees that the User is a natural / legal person who has attained the age of at least 18 years and is legally allowed to enter into a contract in India. The User is allowed to utilize the services of the Company in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed hereinafter. The User hereby undertakes to agree and abide by the Terms and Conditions detailed hereinafter. If the User violates any of these Terms & Conditions, or otherwise violate an agreement entered into through the medium of the Company, we may terminate the User’s membership, delete his/her profile and any content or information posted online by the User on the Website and / or prohibit the User from using or accessing the Platform through the Website at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice, including without limitation if it believes that you are under 18.
  3. I authorize LetsMD to exchange, share all information and details as provided by me in my application and in relation to my existing loans and/or repayment history to any third party including but not limited to its group companies, service providers, banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, telecommunication companies, statutory bodies, etc. for customer verification, personalization of products or services, credit rating, data enrichment, marketing or promotion of LetsMD services or related products or that of its associates and affiliates or for enforcement of your obligations and I shall not hold LetsMD (or any of its group companies or its/their agents/representatives) liable for the use/sharing of the information as stated above.
  4. I agree and affirm that LetsMD may contact me and communicate with me over telephonic calls, or SMS on the mobile number mentioned in the application, or through any other communication mode (“Communication Modes”) to verify the details provided by me on the application. Further, I confirm that I would like to know through the above mentioned Communication Modes various LetsMd loan offer schemes or loan promotional schemes or any other promotional schemes relating to various products/services offered by LetdMD/its group companies from time to time and hereby authorize LetsMD, its group companies, employees, agents, associates to contact me from time to time for the same.
  5. I agree and confirm that laws in relation to the unsolicited communication referred to in the “National Do Not Call Registry” (the “NDNC Registry”) as laid down by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will not be applicable for such communication/calls/ SMSs received from LetsMD, its group companies, its employees, agents and/or associates.
  6. I undertake to keep LetsMD updated of any change in the information provided by me in this application form.
I understand and acknowledge that LetsMD shall have the absolute discretion, without assigning any reason to reject my loan application and that LetsMD shall not be responsible/liable in any manner whatsoever for such rejection. I further understand and agree that pursuant to this application form, I will be required to submit documents to the satisfaction of LetsMD and accept the loan terms and conditions for availing the loan granted to me by LetsMD from time to time.

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