LetsMD Medical Loan- Its Benefits and More

It’s true that each one of us, once a while have gone through or felt that sudden urgency that a medical emergency hurdles at us. In such a scenario, what bothers most is the high cost-rate of medical treatments. On one side you try every way possible to save your dear one but expenses rise in such a rate that hospital bills hamper the entire treatment procedure.

Medical crisis tends to hit at such a  rate that a treatment fee later turns to medical debt and once a person land in such a place, financial problems hardly takes a backseat. It is mostly seen that such circumstances leave the entire family to suffer for a longer duration of time. In some situations, the patient gets recovered but the debts still loom around.
Did you know? A medical loan is a suitable way to get help and clear the never-ending hospital bills.

In spite of having so many loan schemes available in the market, people tend to overlook it thinking that loan is a burden in disguise. Will you readily take up a medical loan when you’re not able to instantly collect the required fund for a treatment? Still not sure? Let’s help you out on this-

Are Medical loans helpful?

With the right loan scheme in hand, loans can rescue you from a major financial crisis. Now, how do you decide? Take up a loan which offers you a decent time period for repayment. Check the EMI interest rate, look at the services-whether it’s an online or offline service, or are they asking for a large number of documents for verification; all such factors will easily help you determine whether the loan will benefit you or not. The good news is, we got for you a loan that strives to perfectly fit the requirement of the user in any medical emergency/treatments.

Meet LetsMD medical loan that has benefited a lot of people by providing instant financial aid.

What is LetsMD medical loan?

Unlike most medical loans, LetsMD medical loan can be used for all medical emergencies like surgery, operation, chemotherapy, hospitalization bills etc. It offers full coverage for all medical expenses. You must also know that multiple parameters determine the interest rate of a medical loan, like location, the lender, salary statement, or the company he/she is working for etc.

LetsMD medical loan takes into account all such parameters and provides 0% EMI interest rate (T&C Applied). Banks too provide medical loans with a fixed interest rate but it is mainly included in the personal loan section.

Why to apply for LetsMD Medical loan?

Currently, the healthcare sector is filled with numerous loans that promise to help at any medical crisis, you must be thinking what makes LetsMD medical loan unique or why should someone take up such a loan?

How to apply?

Visit the LetsMD website and click on Apply Now button; a column section will pop-up where you need to fill up the basic details and submit it.

Once done, our team will contact you within 24 hours. You must also keep handy some basic documents to avail a loan, the required documents are-

  • PAN card
  • Adhaar card
  • Bank statement

All set?  LetsMD Medical loan will be sanctioned within minutes!

Medical loan or medical insurance, which one is better?

Medical or health insurance as the words suggest offers to take care of your medical expenses.

If a person decides to take up insurance in a hassle, without checking the exclusions( it is a policy that removes coverage for some type of risk); he/she might not get the desired amount of benefit. Exclusives mainly include terms like a waiting period, sub-limits etc. which might hamper the funding of a cashless service when the user is in need of financial help.

On the other, hand medical loan does not carry any such baggage. Immediate cashless service is granted to the user with a minimum interest rate. It is also to be noticed that in health insurance the user/customer needs to fill a premium to avail medical coverage but in a medical loan, no extra charges are levied.

Isn’t medical loan a better option? Let’s hear it from Tushar who believes that he made the best choice by opting for LetsMD medical loan.

Happiness delivered to you!

Yes, you read that right. LetsMD successfully delivered to Tushar the relief and happiness of getting the best treatments at an affordable budget.

“It was a tough time when suddenly my mother was diagnosed with a severe stroke. Nothing was in place. Even with a stable income rate, I was not able to pay the hospital expenses, but thankfully I knew about the LetsMD medical loan. I applied for it and immediately got all my bills cleared. Thank you LetsMD”, Tushar said with a broad smile.

One more benefit of LetsMD medical loan is that it will provide accidental insurance of Rs 2 lakh. We are blessed and proud to have such a great bunch of users/customers in our network. Our family has been growing strong over the years and it will be a piece of great news if you too decide to join us on this journey.

Our loan plans will help you out just like a best friend helps at the time of need. Eagerly waiting to help you and be your “friend in need”.

For more detailed information, you can call us at +91-8448398633

  • I just read all the things and articles about LetsMD, it’s really helpful and very much of value, I really appreciate ur efforts and would be obliged to have ur services in future if need arises, thnx!

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