LetsMD Medical card- One card to solve all your Medical Emergencies

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”- Jim Rohn

Rightly said, isn’t it? But as you look at life, on any normal day, people might not take health and health issues seriously unless an emergency comes up, and what do you do when a medical situation/emergency lands up in your world?

What is the first thing that is of primary concern? MONEY! Isn’t it?

In the need of the hour, we mostly panic, look out for options to gather the required amount of money.

The sad reality is that in such scenarios even the luckiest person on the earth might go through a financial crisis.

Not to worry, LetsMD brings to you a Medical EMI card, which is ready to assist and serve you, with financial help at such imperative situations.



What is a LetsMD Medical card?

It is a pre-approved card that carries a limit of up to Rs 5 lakhs.

The LetsMD Medical card helps you to pay your hospital bills, by converting the bill amount into 18 easy EMIs with 0% interest. We also bring to you a cashless option, when you decide to pay for a planned or unforeseen medical expense.


We believe in equality, so does our card.

Thus offering you a platform to treat any medical condition, starting from surgeries, maternity cover, organ transplant to IVF; the medical card will also give you an additional amount of Rs 2 lakhs when one faces an accidental accident but it must be noted that this particular amount will not be dispersed from our side in cash form.

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Here are a few more benefits and features of the LetsMD Medical card-

•    We care, not only for you but your dear ones too! Our medical card holds validity for you and also for 3 more members of your family.

The great news is that there is no requirement for re-documentation. All you need to do is connect with our team and get it approved.


•    A medical emergency calls out for immediate action; this medical card tries to deliver medical cash at the earliest, in less than 2 hours.

•    Some medical insurance policy might not accept to include the expense of a surgery or treatment when the customer voluntarily decides to go for any surgery or treatments like IVF, cosmetic surgery, organ transplant, or hair transplant.

This medical card will never come on your way as there is no such medical limitation attached in it.

It will assist in your bad health days and guide you to a healthy lifestyle.


How to apply for a LetsMD Medical card?


This is one of the easiest procedures that any customer out there could avail.

With a mission and vision to make medical expense stress-free for everyone, our services are available all over India and to gain the benefits of the LetsMD Medical card, follow these steps-


  • Visit the official website of LetsMD and fill up your details (Name and mobile number).
  • Our team will contact you in 24 hours.
  • Submit the documents (ID, address proof, and bank statement).
  • Get your LetsMD Medical EMI card.
  • Start paying your treatment cost with your medical card.
  • You can repay in 18 months without any EMI.


It is often noticed that financiers take a lot of time to sanction a load or even a card; at the same time, a lot of documents are also required while applying for a medical loan.

But this medical card carries no such baggage. It makes sure that the customers are not investing more than 2 hours to receive medical cash or money.


It is also a fact that, during a medical emergency, a person undergoes through different emotions (pain, panic, or a dilemma).

Keeping in mind of all such crisis, a medical card is made available through a simple call on our toll-free number (+91-99710-22666) where you need to inform us about your hospital and also the treatment amount.

After which, payment will be done from our side to the hospital through your purchased medical card and you can easily return the amount to us in up to 18 interest-free EMIs.


The fee of a medical card is user-friendly i.e. it is available at a quite reasonable budget. While applying for a medical card for the first time, the fee amount is Rs 999 for an individual.

When this particular individual decides to take up the benefit of including his family member (can include up to 3 members), he/she needs to pay an additional amount of Rs 500 per person.

The validity period of the medical card is 1 year, while in the renewal the cost shall be the same with 25% or no claim bonus (is applicable).


For every customer, there is a CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd) score which he/she needs to undergo before receiving a medical card.

Now, what is a CIBIL score? Simply defined it is a numeric summary of your credit history and the ability to return the loan to the person.

This ensures whether the person will be able to return a loan on time or not. While giving a medical card, it is seen if the person is credited with the salary amount in his bank account or in cash.



LetsMD Medical card is categories into two types-


1.    Base card or Golden card

This is the initial type of medical card and is known as a base card or golden card.

This card has a credit limit of up to 30 thousand and is valid for a person having an income of Rs 15,000.

There is no interest rate on the repayment till 18 months of the medical loan.


2.    Premium card or Platinum card

This is the second type of medical card which is called the premium or platinum card.

Along with the features of the base card, the platinum card allows a person to repay in a longer duration of 18-48 months.


The other benefits that one can utilize through a premium card are-

  • Will gain access to 24/7 help from registered doctors via call.
  • Discount on 16000+ centres
  • 4 complimentary OPD consultations at the network hospitals.
  • Up to 30% discount on blood check and radiology tests.
  • Free dental consultation with a 25% discount at our partner dental centres.
  • Discount on pharmacy, OPD, and IPD.
  • 20% discount on medicines at our partner's network.
  • The benefit of gaining unlimited medical knowledge through articles and videos by leading Doctors of India.


The LetsMD Medical card wins over a Credit card by few points! How?

Every credit card holder is well aware of the benefits that credit brings forth. The medical card, on the other hand, is a card that bags a lot more points-

•    Unlike a credit card, the Medical card will not ask you to pay any interest when you repay the Medical card facility (T&C Applied)

•    Easy to apply than a Credit card

•    No rejection! Yes, we value each customer and ensure that each one of them is able to gain the benefits of the medical card.

•    The Medical card will allow you to repay back in 540 days in easy EMIs, whereas a Credit card offers only up to 52 days.



Which hospitals and surgeries are covered in a medical card?

With more than 1200 hospitals under coverage at Delhi-NCR, which includes prominent hospitals like Fortis, Medanta, D.Y. Patil, Max, Gangaram, Saroj Hospital, Jaypee etc.

You can also visit the LetsMD website and contact us to inquire and know more about the hospitals nearby.

All these hospitals hold the capacity to perform over 1000 surgeries which includes dental treatment, IVF, organ transplantation, cosmetic treatment, transplant etc.


Isn’t this the best medical card one can afford? Surely, we all have heard and believed that “Health is wealth”, but what if wealth gets in the way of maintaining good health?

Well, this medical card is ready to rescue you from such medical hurdles both at present and in future, not just for you but for your family too!

Medical card is your instant stress-free solution to meet your medical requirements. It will not only take away medical financial burdens from you but also assure a healthy life ahead.

Let’s put our health on priority and get the medical card today. What are you waiting for? Hurry and apply now!